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  • Metallica - Master of Puppets 1986
    • Battery
    • Master of Puppets
    • The Thing That Should Not Be
    • Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
    • Disposable Heroes
    • Leper Messiah
    • Orion (Instrumental)
    • Damage, Inc.
  • Iron Maiden - Brave New World 2000
    • The Wicker Man
    • Ghost Of The Navigator
    • Brave New World
    • Blood Brothers
    • The Mercenary
    • Dream Of Mirrors
    • The Fallen Angel
    • The Nomad
    • Out Of The Silent Planet
    • The Thin Line Between Love And Hate
  • Empty Item
  • Ajax Item
  • Error Item

Console log

HTML5/JavaScript 源码

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <meta charset="utf-8"> 
  <link href="../content/shared/styles/examples-offline.css" rel="stylesheet"> 
  <link href="../../styles/kendo.common.min.css" rel="stylesheet"> 
  <link href="../../styles/kendo.rtl.min.css" rel="stylesheet"> 
  <link href="../../styles/kendo.default.min.css" rel="stylesheet"> 
  <link href="../../styles/kendo.dataviz.min.css" rel="stylesheet"> 
  <link href="../../styles/kendo.dataviz.default.min.css" rel="stylesheet"> 
  <script src="../../js/jquery.min.js"></script> 
  <script src="../../js/kendo.all.min.js"></script> 
  <script src="../content/shared/js/console.js"></script> 
  <a class="offline-button" href="../index.html">Back</a> 
  <div id="example"> 
   <div class="demo-section k-content"> 
    <ul id="panelbar"> 
     <li class="k-state-active"> Metallica - Master of Puppets 1986 
       <li>Master of Puppets</li> 
       <li>The Thing That Should Not Be</li> 
       <li>Welcome Home (Sanitarium)</li> 
       <li>Disposable Heroes</li> 
       <li>Leper Messiah</li> 
       <li>Orion (Instrumental)</li> 
       <li>Damage, Inc.</li> 
      </ul> </li> 
     <li> Iron Maiden - Brave New World 2000 
       <li>The Wicker Man</li> 
       <li>Ghost Of The Navigator</li> 
       <li>Brave New World</li> 
       <li>Blood Brothers</li> 
       <li>The Mercenary</li> 
       <li>Dream Of Mirrors</li> 
       <li>The Fallen Angel</li> 
       <li>The Nomad</li> 
       <li>Out Of The Silent Planet</li> 
       <li>The Thin Line Between Love And Hate</li> 
      </ul> </li> 
     <li> Empty Item </li> 
     <li> Ajax Item 
      <div></div> </li> 
     <li> Error Item 
      <div></div> </li> 
   <div class="box"> 
    <h4>Console log</h4> 
    <div class="console"></div> 
            function onSelect(e) {
                kendoConsole.log("Select: " + $(e.item).find("> .k-link").text());

            function onExpand(e) {
                kendoConsole.log("Expand: " + $(e.item).find("> .k-link").text());

            function onCollapse(e) {
                kendoConsole.log("Collapse: " + $(e.item).find("> .k-link").text());

            function onActivate(e) {
                kendoConsole.log("Activate: " + $(e.item).find("> .k-link").text());

            function onContentLoad(e) {
                kendoConsole.log("Content loaded in <b>"+ $(e.item).find("> .k-link").text() +
                                 "</b> and starts with <b>" + $(e.contentElement).text().substr(0, 20) + "...</b>");

            function onError(e) {
                kendoConsole.error("Loading failed with " + e.xhr.statusText + " " + e.xhr.status);

                expandMode: "single",
                select: onSelect,
                expand: onExpand,
                collapse: onCollapse,
                activate: onActivate,
                contentLoad: onContentLoad,
                error: onError,
                contentUrls: [ , , , "../content/web/panelbar/ajax/ajaxContent1.html", "error.html" ]
  <div class="demo-section"> 
   <p> Security restrictions prevent this example from working in all browsers when the page is loaded from the file system (via file:// protocol). If the demo is not working as expected, please host the Kendo folder on a web server. </p>