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kendo.drawing.GradientInherits from kendo.Class

An abstract base class representing common members of all drawing elements.

Constructor Parameters

options Object

The configuration of this Group.


stops Array

The color stops of the gradient. Can contain either plain objects or GradientStop instances.


stops Array

The array of gradient color stops. Contains GradientStop instances.

options kendo.drawing.OptionsStore

The configuration options of the gradient.



Adds a color stop to the gradient.


offset Number

The stop offset from the start of the element. Ranges from 0 (start of gradient) to 1 (end of gradient).

color String

The color in any of the following formats.

Format Description
red Basic or Extended CSS Color name
#ff0000 Hex RGB value
rgb(255, 0, 0) RGB value

Specifying 'none', 'transparent' or '' (empty string) will clear the fill.

opacity Number

The fill opacity. Ranges from 0 (completely transparent) to 1 (completely opaque).


kendo.drawing.GradientStop The new gradient color stop.


Removes a color stop from the gradient.


stop kendo.drawing.GradientStop

The gradient color stop to remove.

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